Solution Architect (Data)

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Desired salary: $150.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: San Mateo Atenco Estado de México, Mexico

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Develop projects were the information is very important by using tools, databases and methods to find the right piece of information in all the stored data.


MSC Electronic Systems


Work on the compression of video images using Wavelet transform, using C++ in Unix environment, using LaTex to document. It was possible to compress images up to 80%

Degree in physics


I developed a heat transfer system using the finite difference methods and FORTRAN language.



May2017 – today

I developed 5 projects of data analysis related to statistical analysis using multivariate analysis methods to suggest increases in sales of 20%. Using tools such as R, SAS and SPSS.


Jun2011 – Jun2017

The government system database of approximately 0.6G was managed using Python, to determine projects in which we could participate as tenders. We win projects of around 7MUSD.


Jun2011 – Jun2017

Planning of use of voice E1s, with access to DMS250 equipment database to calculate Erlangs, using SQL, statistical methods for trends and C#. The amount of capacity was reduced by 75%, which is reflected in savings.


Router port capacity planning by capturing files generated by MIBs, using visual basic and statistical methods. The capacity calculation was reduced from 4 days of calculation to 3 minutes.


  • R language, Python (5 yr)


    Analitical, Team Management

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