Data Science

Resume posted by YUYU LIAO

Desired position type: Any
Location: Taipei City Taiwan



Yuyu is enthusiasm for data mining and machine learning and likes to research the new technology. He has previously worked for Juvo+ as a data analysis and data science, with the responsibility of building sales forecasting systems and using machine learning skill to help the company. He also focuses on deep learning and has the strong skill to use R to data wrangling, build the machine learning system and data visualization.


  • Department of Statistics, Master’s degree

Feng Chia University, Location

2009 – 2011

  • Department of Statistics, Bachelor’s degree

Ming Chuan University

2004 – 2009


Data analyst & data science at Juvo+, Taipei Mar 2016 – Jan 2017

  • Build a sales forecasting system for replenishment
    Using the exponential smoothing method to forecast the sales quantity for next month and help the purchase & order department through historical data to decide the replenishment quantity.
  • Seasonal product detection analysis
    Through exponential smoothing model and chi-square test for detection product sales have a seasonal pattern.
  • Products sales rank and sales quantity relationship analysis on Amazon Analysis relationship between sales rank and sales quantity and building model to predict the sales quantity by different sales rank in different categories using negative binomial regression.
  • Unauthorized seller detection analysis
    Analysis historical data find an unauthorized seller pattern.
  • Web crawler & selenium

Data analyst at Cheetah Mobile, Taipei Jul 2014 – Feb 2016

  • User feedback data analysis and system establishment
    Through text mining to design user feedback patterns and use the naive Bayes method to build the classification model. Help operation department filters almost 90 percent spam data.
  • Data visualization for user’s feedback analysis
    Establishing the interactive visualization web that explores the data use shiny server.
  • Privacy URL detection analysis
    Using web crawler and text mining to detect the website is or not a privacy website.
  • Free WIFI detection analysis
    Detecting the free WIFI through the historical data from app.
  • Automation reply system on google play platform
    Auto reply the user’s feedback message on google play platform.
  • Web crawler

RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) Quality Analyst at GIGA-BYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Taipei Jul 2013 – Apr 2014

Job responsibilities:

  1. RMA data analysis
  2. Components preparing and prediction
  3. VGA mining performance testing
  4. Examination and expense analysis

Projects experience:

  1. Components preparing and prediction model building
  2. Planning process of GPU repair and sales return
  3. VGA mining, testing and analysis
  4. Yield rate analysis with factories


  • * Over 3 years of experience in R programming (also familiar with Python)
  • * Over 3 years of experience machine learning and data mining
  • * Over 3 years of experience data wrangling, ETL
  • * Over 1 years of experience data visualization

Spoken Languages

    Chinese, English