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Posted by | February 12, 2014 | news

Today I launched

My vision for this site is to give one more tool for people and companies to find R users and promote collaboration.

The site allows R users (and companies) to post “job” listings on all things related to R.

Examples of who should care about this:

1) Companies looking to hire people with R skills.

Submit Job

2) R users who are looking for a job


3) R freelancer who wish to invite people to get in touch with them. Just set up your “resume” here:


4) R users who are looking to find partners for their work. This includes people who want help with making an R package from their new statistical algorithm, or speeding up their R code. Just post a “job” with the details.

The site is still in BETA stages, and any input/idea you have about the site will be very welcomed (ranging from “great job” to “you are missing the ___ category”).

Tal Galili