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started my career as an Innovation Analyst in Musigma Business Solutions after my graduation where I was first exposed to the R language and was given 2 months training in R. I was introduced to the MapReduce concepts which I was then asked to code it in R. During this period I developed a keen interest in R programming. After the training period I worked on parallel processing framework OpenCL and implemented Prims Algorithm using NVIDIA GPUs.
I qualified the GATE examination and went on to do masters from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur where I learned Image processing, some major algorithms of Machine Learning such as kNN, kmeans, SVM etc. To test which algorithm worked better was analysed using the accuracy tests. I also did a course of Probability & Statistics to have a better understanding and got a good knowledge of statistical parameters such as Zsquare, chi square etc. I did all the programming in Matlab for the assignments and projects and developed skills in matlab programming.
I currently work in Transerve Technologies as a Technology Evangelist where I have been developing R shiny applications for the company projects. I have been exposed to the most of the R libraries such as ggplot2, dplyr, jsonlite and many more. I have also got certifications from datacamp in various courses of R. I also worked on crop yield prediction model using the historical crop data and satellite images.

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    technology Evangelist in Engineering
    BandoliGoa, India
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    17 May 2016