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27 Apr 2018

Freelance Freelance Project: R Libraries Install on Amazon AWS EC2

WS Anywhere

Job Description

Please quote the cost and delivery time for you to provide electronic delivery of the following set of R deliverables, for use in the Amazon AWS EC2 instance type specified below:




1) Set of R command lines to successfully install the set of R libraries (aka packages) specified further below, to the AWS EC2 instance type specified further below.


2) Set of R command lines to successfully un-install that same set of R libraries (aka packages), to that same AWS EC2 instance type.


3) Optional item: Instructions for how one can do a rollback/cleanup (uninstall) of a particular R library (package) (without having to do something dramatic, like uninstall/reinstall R itself)


This set of deliverables (the items numbered above) is to be used for my copy-pasting these lines into R to install those libraries (packages) to R in an AWS EC2 instance (of the AWS EC2 instance type I have specified in this RFP, see further below) at the start of an instance, and (if optional item 3 is done) for my copy-pasting these lines into R to un-install those libraries (packages) from R in that AWS EC2 at the end of that instance.


I will test the command lines you provide in the AWS EC2 type, to confirm the install and un-install works with no errors or warnings.


//List of R Libraries (Aka Packages)


The following are to be installed for use in the current (latest as of the current date) version of R with (latest as of the current date) RTools.


R Libraries (aka Packages)


  1. caret
  2. e1071
  3. darch
  4. DeepNet
  5. H20 (and Java JDK as supporting software)
  6. TensorFlow
  7. MxNet
  8. Keras (and Anaconda Python as supporting software)
  9. Any 1 of the following random forest choices: randomForest, ranger, Rborist
  10. Plus any additional supporting software needed for full installation and use of the above listed libraries (aka packages)


//AWS EC2 Instance Type


AWS EC2 Windows C5 Instance: the largest (largest # of CPUs) instance type, which is currently (at the time of posting this RFP): c5.18xlarge (at 72 CPUs) as per:



How to Apply

Please apply by emailing me via the apply form on the job listing page

Job Categories: R Developer. Job Types: Freelance. Job Tags: AWS, EC2, libraries, packages, and r. Salaries: Less than $100,000.

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