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Data Analyst

Resume posted by Luiz Fonseca in IT.
Desired salary: $1,500.00
Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Campina Grande Paraiba, Brazil

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Diligent, autodidact, passionate data scientist with 4+ years of experience. Aspires to get more qualified as a data scientist. Experienced in machine learning, data visualization, exploratory analysis, recommendation systems, graph databases and tools like R, SQL, Python, Java, Tableau, Neo4j, etc.



  05/2014 –


Federal University of Campina Grande

Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Average grade 8.84/10.0
  • Volunteer in the Tutored Education Program
  • Teaching assistant in Discrete Mathematics and Data Analysis II


Junior Data Scientist (HP contingent worker)  (01/2019 – 09/2019)

Virtus, Campina Grande, PB, Brazil

  • Collected and documented all requirements for a recommendation system, raised an entire backlog and defined all endpoints of APIs to be implemented throughout the year (2019).
  • Spearheaded the ETL process for creating a graph database from relational data hosted in Databricks.
  • Implemented a recommendation API using Neo4j.


Full Stack Developer Intern (02/2018 – 01/2019)

Distributed Systems Laboratory (LSD), Campina Grande, PB, Brazil

  • Developed the system Datapedia Elections, a website that aggregates information from several open data sources about Brazilian elections and helps candidates plan their campaigns.
  • Built the system’s database, collected, processed and loaded the data (using R, MySQL and Python).
  • Projected and implemented interactive maps (using D3.j


Data Analyst/Developer Intern (10/2015 – 12/2017)

Distributed Systems Laboratory (LSD), Campina Grande, PB, Brazil

  • Developed the Best Bus, an android app designed to simplify public transportation users daily life (using Open Street Maps API).
  • Projected and implemented the Best Trip Recommender, a prediction service developed in R that uses machine learning to predict the duration and the number of passengers on a bus trip.
  • Tuned and tested machine learning models (using PySpark).


  • R (4 years of experience)
  • Java (4 years of experience)
  • Python (3 years of experience)
  • Android (3 years of experience)
  • SQL (3 years of experience)
  • Angular2+ (3 years of experience)
  • TypeScript (3 years of experience)
  • Ggplot2 (2 years of experience)
  • Plotly (6 months of experience)
  • D3.js (1.5 years of experience)
  • Spark (1 year of experience)
  • Neo4j (1 year of experience)
  • node.js (1 year of experience)
  • Tableau (8 months of experience)
  • Highcharts (8 months of experience)


    Agile Methodologies, data analysis

Groups & Associations

    Agile Methodologies, data analysis

Spoken Languages

    Basic understanding of French, English, Portuguese (Native), Spanish (ok)