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Desired position type: Any
Location: San Antonio Texas, United States

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My Math skills and my experience as a software architect in different disciplines and my expertise as R, Vb, Delphi, C#, and C++ programmer and as a software integrator would be valuable assets. As a former CEO of an Information Technology company and as a Certified Associate in Project Management, I have the skills to contribute in a useful way on a project team.


  • MS  Management of Technology                                                     May 2015
    • University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Business
    • GPA 3.9
  • MS Physics Jul 1989
    • University of Parma (ITALY), College of Science, Math and Physics
    • GPA 4.0 Cum Magna Laude
  • Project Management Institute Certified Associate in Project Management


GRA / Research Scientist Associate, Jan 2014 – now

University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Business, San Antonio, TX

  • Cowriter of papers on the entrepreneurship intent (forthcoming 2015 on PICMET and JEBR)

Analyze data (mainly with R PLS-PM, AMOS SEM and R ANOVA) and draft papers


Technical Manager and Software Architect, Sep 2008 – Dec 2013

Apogeo srl, Zucchetti Group, Piacenza ITALY

  • Trained and managed a team of 10 people to develop in C# and C++.
  • Analyzed, remodeled and managed the deployment of an improved, competitive version of obsolete management software.
  • Trained the existing customer care unit


CEO, Software Architect, Jan 2008 – Dec 2013

GL Domotech srl, Piacenza ITALY

  • Co-Founder of a firm providing a customized management software package for mid-sized companies
  • CEO, Software Architect and CTO
  • The company provided customized software packages to 11 new customer accounts in the first year, which is 360% more customer accounts than anticipated.


Technical Manager and Senior Developer, Mar 2001 – Sep 2008

Ideamatica srl/Aive BST (now CAPGEMINI Italy), Piacenza ITALY

  • Software Architect to customize a total management software package to meet the requirements of the hospitals and Italy’s socialized medicine program (Vb and Delphi)
  • Senior Developer customizing and integrating Microsoft CRM v4 for some of the largest companies in Italy (C#)
  • Chief Technical Officer for the Health-Care Software
  • Customer Care Manager
  • Senior Developer for C#, C++, Delphi, and Vb languages to implement task critical web-services
  • AGILE programming for a fast response to customer’s request


Non Destructive Testing Expert/Analyst, Mar 1991 – Feb 2001

Ente Nazionale Energia Elettrica, Piacenza, ITALY

  • In-field Non Destructive Test Expert (Ultrasound, Liquid, Eddy Current) with advanced systems and robotic arms in nuclear and conventional power plants
  • Tester of Advanced Robotic Procedures
  • Expert in the PISC III DAG V European Program for nuclear power plant safety
  • Quality Manager for the ISO9000 / ISO9001 certification


Programmable Logic Controller Programming Teacher, Oct 1996 – May 2000

Self-employed, Milan, Parma and surrounding area, ITALY

  • Teacher of Siemens S7 PLC classes.
  • Freelance Contractor to solve various PLC programming issues within Production and Manufacturing departments.


  • Statistical analysis experience for psychological studies
  • R programmer experience
  • Ten years’ experience as a software architect in many disciplines
  • Experience in Vb, Delphi, C#, and C++ languages
  • Software integration experience through web-services
  • MS Dynamics CRM experience
  • Former CEO/CTO of an Information Technology company
  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • 10 years’ experience in the Energy Industry as Expert in Remote Non-Destructive Testing and data analysis


    data analysis, Data Architect, Pitch Presentation, Software Programming, Team Management, Technical Teacher

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    English, French, Italian