Data Scientist & Bioinformatician

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Marburg Hessen, Germany

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I am an open minded and interdisciplinary scientist with strong skills in data science and bioinformatics from Hessen, Germany. Working with huge datasets and reducing their information into a single graph, probability or message/summary is my passion.


Ph.D. in (Meta-)Genomics, (Meta-)Transcriptomics & other Omics technologies, 2015
Master (Diplom) in Engineering,  2011
Bachelor (Vordiplom) in Engineering,  2009


Programming languages (4+ years):
R, Python, Shell Scripting – also SQL but with only 1 year experience.

General skills:
– interdisciplinary and highly analytical thinking (mathematics, [bio-]statistics, engineering, biology & bioinformatics)
– can work with most common OSs (Win, Mac, Linux)
– big data analysis (TB range)
– dimensional reduction techniques
– classification techniques
– feature extraction
– predictive modeling
– glm & non-linear regression techniques
– visualization techniques
– reduction of workload by splitting into data subsets (similar to MapReduce)

Specific techniques (5+ years):
– Genomics (including QC, assembly, annotation)
– Binning of metagenomes into composite genomes (coverage and by genomic signatures)
– Phylogeny (rRNA, Protein and concatenated alignments)
– Evolutionary analysis
– Genome rearrangements
– Biochemistry and pathway analysis


  • R (5 years; incl. RRO)
  • Python (4 years)
  • Shell Scripting (4 years)
  • SQL (1 year)

Spoken Languages

    English (professional), French (ok), German (native), Spanish (ok)