Data Scientist/Algorithmist

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Bangalore Karnataka, India

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Passionate about Algorithmic Programming and Big Data Analytics

Interest in algorithms and statistics was sprouted through qualification for ZIO and INOI(2005).
Since then have won several algorithmic programming contests including the ones at IITs.
Have been Programming extensively for last 14 years, 9 years of which are into Deterministic Algorithmic Programming(primarily computational number theory algorithms, algorithmic game theory and stringology algorithms) and the last 3.5 years into Machine Learning Algorithms and Stochastic/Randomized Algorithms.


BTech in Computer Science.
Specialization in Data Science


Microsoft(BingAds) team- was part of an analytics tool to keep track of KPI for searches in BIng.


  • Machine Learning,
  • R & Julia,
  • Matlab & Octave,
  • SciPy,NumPy,Statsmodels,NeuroLab and SciKit-learn(Python)