Young graduate (ecology and R distribution modelling)

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, France

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Hello, my name is Léa, I graduated in June 2015 with an ecology master degree, and specialized during my end of studies internship in distribution modelling in a climate change context. I used R for this project and am currently looking for my first job !


2014-2015 : Research master (second year), in Lille (France).

“Biodiversity evolution and management”

  • Comprehend the biodiversity underlying processus, responsible for its upkeep and evolution
  • Conceive research projects, experimental protocols, results analysis
  • Species distribution modelling (R)


During my studies, I gathered several types of experience in quite different fields. My technology degree provided me knowledge on financials and economical matters. With my year of study in Norway, I validated courses of conservation biology (European politics among others things) or distribution modelling, and this experience made me fluent in English. My end of studies internship, within CNRS stations, focused on the distribution modelling of species in a climate change context (details on my resume) and greatly developed my R language skills and bibliographic research. In the same way, this mission required me to use GIS tools for repartition maps production, or attend / participate to ecology seminars.


  • R
  • Linux
  • Latex
  • Office Suite


    conservation biology, distribution modelling, Ecology, GIS, sustainable developpement

Spoken Languages

    English, French