Data Scientist

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Rzeszów Województwo podkarpackie, Poland

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Data Scientist, sociologist.
Interested in Open (Research) Data and social science research techniques based on new technologies.


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Work experience

  1. (2013-Present) Assistant Professor
    Department of Quantitative Methods in Economics
    University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, Rzeszów (Poland)

    • (2014-Present) Representative of the Dean of the Economic Department for the Science
  2. (2011-2012) CAWI Product Manger
    MillwardBrown (SMG/KRC), Warsaw (Poland)

    • methodological and conceptual support for research teams;
    • designing new innovative research products based on Internet technologies (user-centric, web audience, passive measurement, single-source data, content exposure in mobile Internet);
    • analysis of different methods of panelists’ recruitment and their activity in on-line access panel.
  3. (2009-2011) Self-employed
    Implementing open-source and commercial systems for on-line survey research; implementing e-mail marketing systems; conducting on-line surveys for professional research projects.


  • R programming (4 years)
  • Statistical analysis (6 years)


    open data, Open Research Data, R, R Programming, social sciences

Groups & Associations

    Research Data Alliance (RDA)

Spoken Languages

    English, Polish