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Desired salary: $110,000.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Brisbane City Queensland, Australia

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Data analyst, translator and storyteller, with a strong track record in tackling messy, complex problems and engaging diverse audiences in actioning practical solutions.
Pragmatic and innovative, with a focus on streamlining and automating data pipelines to achieve 10-100x fold gains in efficiency and analytic capacity on every project.
Exceptional communication skills, effectively engaging stakeholders from C-suite to coal-face, to tease out complex problems and turn any data (even ‘dark data’) into creative, long-term solutions, that are easy to action, substantially reducing costs and adding value.
Altogether, a very rare combination of analyst, consultant and strategic visionary; strong technical expertise coupled with an uncanny business acumen across multiple industries, and an infectious enthusiasm that unifies teams and breaks through barriers


PhD (Biomedical Science & Computational Biology) 2008 University of Adelaide, Australia

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education 2006 University of Adelaide, Australia

BSc Hons (Pharmacology) 2000 University of Adelaide, Australia


Principal Data Scientist at Ecosure & Avisure

Present – 2016    Gold Coast & Brisbane, Australia

  • Geospatial and time series analysis of project data for management of water quality, threatened and pest flora and species for private and government clients, and bird strikes for military and commercial airports
  • Consulting widely with internal stakeholders to identify data bottlenecks and issues with data integrity and management, developing solutions to increased consultant autonomy, streamline data collection, processing, analysis and reporting, e.g.
    • replaced an Excel-based analysis of bird strike risk that took ~1.5-2hrs to complete for every airport client, every month, with a web-app that completed the same ETL and analysis in 10 seconds.
    • transformed 20 years of fauna survey data into an animated map, highlighting the positive impact of our environmental management projects
  • Contributing to business development meetings with clients from government and private sector, as well as the proposal, design, build and delivery of client-specific data management systems.


Freelance Data Science Consultant

Present – 2016   Brisbane, Australia & Remote

  • Serving as Honorary Lecturer at the University of Queensland, consulting on research design and analysis, expert examiner for research higher degree students, and publishing research papers on learning analytics
  • Data science and curriculum renew consulting for clients such as Endeavour College and Blue Door Publishing (USA), contributing to curriculum committees and providing professional development seminars


Lecturer, Researcher, and Consultant

2015 – 2007     School of Biomedical Science, University of Queensland, Australia

  • Performed teaching, research, and consulting to improve how students learnt scientific reasoning skills by designing and delivering innovative classes, whilst effectively managing ~1,000 students, 20 casual tutors, and 10 academics per semester, and consulting on quantitative, qualitative, experimental and applied research projects
  • Automated analysis of click-stream and meta-data, to publish the world’s first large-scale quantitative insights into the feedback practices and student behaviours that contribute toward academic success
  • Led team of 10 senior executives and peers in design-to-production of an innovative online feedback analytics system that cut marking time by 20% for thousands of student assessment submissions across diverse teams of casual markers.


Teaching & Learning Fellowship

2013 – 2012   Centre for Educational Innovation & Technology, University of Queensland, Australia

  • Awarded a highly competitive fellowship to work with internationally renowned academics and software developers, gaining expertise in using digital footprints to investigate how students learn with technology


  • R, RStudio, Shiny (4 years experience)
  • MatLab
  • Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Modelling
  • Data Visualization


    Public speaking, Research Design

Groups & Associations

    Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia

Spoken Languages

    English (native)