Data Scientist / R/Shiny Development

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Moskva Moscow, Russia

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I have over 14 years of experience as Analyst in IT. I’m currently studying towards a Data Science Specialization. I’m focusing on programming with R, statistical analysis and machine learning.
– R programming (code, functions, visualizations, reports, presentations, Shiny App).
– Data wrangling, cleaning and preparing from different types and sources (csv, txt, xlsx, pdf, websites and XML/HTML documents, etc), joins data, missing value imputation and so on.
– Exploratory Data Analysis (observed research, visualizations, summary statistic, etc).
– Statistical Inference and hypothesis testing.
– Machine Learning: applied different techniques such as clustering, classification, regression, principal component analysis, and decision trees to generate insights for decision making.
– Natural language processing: worked on text mining, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and topic modeling using R.
– Time-series analyses and forecasting (ARIMA, Bayesian time-series).
– Git (


Moscow State University – Sociology

Data Science Specialization by Coursera



Experience in R

  • Google Analytics
  • Regression analysis
  • Building Shiny Application
  • PDF/Web scraping data
  • Machine Learning


  • Using R to do Web-analytics with download data from Google Analytics and perform analysis to identify possible correlation between customer activity and sales.
  • Work tasks (R, Excel): creating weekly, monthly and quarterly report of sales and acquisitions.
  • Time-series analyses with establish trends and seasonality (R, with my own time)
  • Scrapping data from html, web, etc. (R, with my own time)
  • Regression analysis (R, work tasks on web and sales data)
  • Conducted research of Russian DC market, compile data and preparing documents for consideration and presentation by executives, managers and team leads.
  • Develop R Shiny App to load data from external source by selected parameter, visualize data and prepare to save on local PC.
  • Quarterly long range forecasting of the Russia PC and Server shipments market.

I can build Shiny App for you. Some examples of Shiny App you can find by links:
Static Dashboard example –
(Also possible interactive based on Shiny)

Examples of reports: (NLP) (NLP, slides) (NLP, rus)
Reports are preparing in R as markdown document and might be outputting in html/pdf/doc, etc.

Spoken Languages

    English (professional), Russian, Ukrainian