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Bioinformatician and Population Biologist

Resume posted by danlwarren in Scientific.

Desired position type: Any
Location: Horsfield Bay New South Wales, Australia

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I am a researcher working broadly in evolution, ecology, and conservation biology, currently on a Discovery Early Career Research Award at Macquarie University. In my spare time I do statistical consulting, data acquisition, and data analysis for government and private organizations. Spatial data is a particular specialty of mine, but I have a very broad skill base.

I have a Ph.D. in Population Biology from UC Davis, and have been awarded three internationally competitive postdoctoral fellowships. I have authored a number of software tools that are now standard approaches in phylogenetics and species distribution modeling, including AWTY, RWTY, and ENMTools.


2003 – B.S. (Biology) Florida State University

2009 – Ph.D. (Population Biology) University of California, Davis. Advised by Michael Turelli and Peter C. Wainwright.


2014–2016 – DECRA research fellow, Macquarie University

2014–2015 – Statistical consultant, ACT State Ecologist

2012–2013 – Postdoctoral researcher with Marcel Cardillo and Lindell Bromham, Australian National University

2011 – Postdoctoral researcher with Camille Parmesan, University of Texas

2009–2011 – National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics, University of Texas

2008 – Contracted by California Department of Fish and Game to model the effects of climate change on the availability of suitable habitat for species of special concern.

2006–2012 – Field data collection contractor, John Snow Institute / United States Coast Guard

2001-2003 – Undergraduate research assistant with Dr. David Swofford, Florida State University

1999 – Undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Doug Mock, University of Oklahoma.

1997 – Undergraduate research assistant with Dr. Pierre Neuenschwander, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.


PUBLICATIONS (Updated August 18 2016):

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  • R
  • Perl
  • GIS
  • Statistics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Phylogenetics
  • Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Amira
  • Avizo


    data analysis, Data collection, GIS, R, Report generation, statistics

Spoken Languages

    English, Spanish