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Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Atlanta Georgia, United States

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Current MS in Analytics candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology and Data Analyst at Keystone Solutions. Proficient in R and Python, as well as many analytical models including Regression, Decision Trees, and Support Vector Machines.


MS in Analytics at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA) with Business emphasis. Expected graduation in May 2018.

BS in Statistics with Business Minor from Brigham Young University (Provo, UT). Graduated May 2017.


DrivenData’s “Pover-T Tests: Predicting Poverty” competition. Currently ranked 85th out of 1620+ contestants. The goal of this data science competition is to predict which households are below the poverty line based on survey data.

Data Analyst at Keystone Solutions (Georgia). June 2017 – present. Created program to use sentiment analysis techniques to understand online customer reviews. Improved Quality Assurance systems by generating automatic test results for clients. Analyze effectiveness of the company’s Twitter account using network analysis and simulations to determine the best set of followers to expand awareness of Keystone Solutions.

Quantitative Analyst at Deseret Power (Utah). April 2016 – May 2017. Created a system that integrates R, Excel, and SQL to validate meter data and automate bill generation, decreasing the time to issue settlements from 20 days to 5. Analyze trading in the wholesale power market to minimize electrical trading costs by applying ANOVA, cluster analysis, and regression. Used R Shiny to visualize trading and Futures Demand.


  • R (4 years)
  • R Shiny (2 years)
  • SQL (2 years)
  • Excel (3 years)
  • Python (1 year)
  • Machine Learning
  • Forecasting
  • Network Analysis

Spoken Languages

    English, Spanish (ok)