Biologist and R Programmer

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Desired salary: $3,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Brasília Distrito Federal, Brazil

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I am a biologist with experience in R programming for data analysis. I mainly use dplyr, tidyr and base packages for data analysis. I also have knowledge of survival analysis with the survival package.


Academic background:

BS. in Biological Sciences – University of Brasília (2009-2013)

MS. in Health Sciences – University of Brasília (2014-2016)



R Programming – Johns Hopkins University/Coursera (2016)

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox – Johns Hopkins University/Coursera (2016)

Introduction to R – Microsoft/EdX (2015)

Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression – The University of Melbourne/Coursera (2014)


Scientific projects involved:

1. Analysis of SETD4 methyltransferase expression in acute lymphoid leukemia and its relation with leukemogenesis (2014-2016)

2. Protein level quantitation of SETD4 methyltransferase in acute lymphoid leukemia and its importance in leukemogenesis (2013 – 2014)
3. Gene expression profile of MLL family of methyltransferases in oral cancer lineages (2013)
4. In vivo toxicity of rhodium citrate (II) free and associated to magnetic nanoparticles in breast cancer: histopathological studies (2010 – 2011)


  • R programming language


    Cancer Research, data analysis, Molecular Biology

Spoken Languages

    English (professional), Portuguese, Spanish (ok)