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I am transitioning to Data Science, improving my skills in R, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and now engaging in the NASA Datanauts program (I’m super excited about this!). In a collaborative environment you use NASA’s data and tools and improve your data science skills. I’m also involved in R-Ladies, a worldwide organization whose mission is to promote gender diversity in the R community, as co-organizer of the Buenos Aires chapter.

Originally I studied Economics, but only worked in that field briefly in the Academia. Right when I finished my studies I took a job at Equifax Uruguay where I discovered Data Science and worked in that field for 4 years.

I have a solid experience designing and developing bespoke analytical solutions, mostly in the Financial Sector. I have worked directly with the Risk and Marketing Managers of the largest institutions in Uruguay and Paraguay (South America) in the Financial, Telco, Retail and Govern verticals, also providing training to other parts of the organizations. In that period I gained a lot of experience in communicating with diverse collaborators and I enjoyed developing strategies to solve complex analytical problems.


Concluded Formal Education

2011 – B.S. in Economics – School of Economics, University of the Republic

I oriented my profile towards the quantitative methods, taking courses in the multivariate analysis field, time series analysis and econometrics and statistics in general.

In course Education

NASA Datanaut – Spring Class 2017

I’m really excited about being selected as one of the 50 members of the NASA Datanaut Spring Class 2017! It is a year-round engagement experimenting with NASA’s data and tools, and improving coding and Data Science skills in a collaborative environment. I don’t know much yet, but you can find more information in the following link:

M.S. in International Economics – School of Social Sciences, University of the Republic

I orient the program towards the quantitative methods. It is a very flexible scheme that allows me to adapt it to my preferences, taking only those courses that catch my interest: machine learning, computational statistics, time series spectral analysis and econometrics in general.

Other courses and seminars

Managing @ Equifax – Equifax

Leadership Seminar – CESA Management Solutions

Scorecard – CMS

Impact Selling Seminar – Equifax

Oracle SQL – Equifax

Green Belt Training


Equifax Uruguay – Head of Analytics Uruguay & Paraguay

November 2012 – September 2016

I was Head of Analytics in the Data & Analytics Area of Equifax Uruguay. Uruguay is part of a Business Unit formed between Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Prior to the clusterization, Equifax Uruguay acquired the biggest Credit Bureau in Paraguay –Informconf- and in that process I was the leader of both countries, recruiting the local Analytics team and training it, and building relationships with local clients.

Part of my role was developing predictive analytical models for credit risk assessment, marketing services –propensity, churn, segmentation, geomarketing-, income prediction, collection solutions and forecasting. These models were usually custom made, so other part of my position consisted on presales: to meet the client’s problems so I could design the best solution for each situation. I also built generic solutions such as the Paraguay Bureau Risk Score deployed in 2016 as part of the rebranding strategy of Equifax.

University of the Republic – Academic Research and Teaching

2009 – 2013

From 2009 until 2013 I was linked to several activities inside the University of the Republic.

I was a teacher in the School of Economics in the Computational Department and later I had a role as an Economic Historian in the Institute of Economics. In the latter I started when I won a Scholarship to be an Assistant Professor, and it ended up in a more stable position. In this Institute I was part of the Economic History Investigation Group and the Economic Development one.

That position lead me to publish some Work Documents and Papers, as well as to participate in various congresses nationally and internationally.


  • Data Science
  • R
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics


    Communicating with non-expert audiences

Groups & Associations

    R-Ladies Global

Spoken Languages

    English, Spanish