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Desired position type: Any
Location: Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Personal statement

A result oriented and well-educated Data Scientist and Software Engineer with solid Mathematical background and 6 years (4+ years overseas) experience in Programming, Data Visualization, Database design and implementing Machine Learning algorithms.
Key Skills

• Solid experience in R programming, Python & Gretl for Data Science and Machine Learning
• Familiar with Machine Learning models such as Regressions, SVM, Decision Tree, Random Forest, K-NN, Clustering methods, and Dimensionality Reduction techniques such as PCA & LDA
• Great Knowledge in using various R packages for Data Science such as ggplot2, tidyr, dplyr, caTools, e1071, rpart, caret and MASS
• Proficient with SSRS, Tableau & Power BI for Business Intelligence and data visualization
• Hands-on experience with Microsoft SSDT-BI Tools to use SSIS for ETL process
• Data warehousing and Relational Database Design with PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL server
• Familiar with NoSQL concept and using MongoDB
• Good experience in PHP, Shell Scripting, VBScript, C and Java programming
• Experienced in working with Linux based operating systems (Redhat and Debian distro)
• Familiar with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap framework for responsive web design
• Developing SCADA projects using Siemens WinCC, Indusoft Web Studio & Wonderware
• PLC programming for various processes: Water Treatment Plants, Water Quality Measurement, Food Industry, Packaging and Assembly using Isagraf, Siemens S7 series
• Designing cost-effective industrial control systems with good knowledge in Instrumentation and RFID
• Making Reports template for CMS/SCADA systems using Jasper Reports & Power BI
• Experienced in implementing industrial networks (Modbus, Profibus, ZigBee,…) and telemetry systems over 3G and other RF Technologies
• Familiar with Electro-pneumatic and Electro-hydraulic systems for factory automation
• Fluent in English (IELTS Band score 8.0)


Master of Science, Staffordshire University, UK

(January 2011 – January 2013)



  • MSc in Mobile Computer Devices


Principal Subjects:

  • Mobile Applications and Systems
  • Mobile Computer Communications Systems
  • Object-Oriented Software Systems Engineering
  • Database Technology
  • Internet Applications
  • Network Systems and Technologies



Bachelor of Science, Azad University of Najafabad (IAUN), Iran

(September 2003 – July 2008)



  • BSc in Electrical Engineering (Major in Electronics)


Principal Subjects:

  • Computer Programming with C
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Logic Circuits, Electrical Circuits
  • Electronics
  • Computer Architecture
  • Systems Analysis, Linear Control Systems
  • Microprocessors, Telecommunication Circuits
  • Computer Networks
  • Numerical Computations
  • Microprocessor Lab


Position: Data Scientist & Senior Software Engineer

Company: Edex Technologies, AESS Automation, Axeontec

Country: Malaysia

(Feb 2013 – Present)


Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Design and Develop CMS servers for ESS/EWS alarm management and reporting, with alarm escalation through SMS, Whatsapp and Telegram applications
  • Make various dashboards and data visualizations using BI tools (Tableau & Power BI), and derive insights from CMS database to analyse the respond team performance
  • Implement machine learning techniques using R to make SVM and Random Forest models to classify the alarm types and escalate the alarms in CMS
  • Relational Database Design and perform ETL using SSIS to transfer data from Sensor data loggers into SQL server
  • PLC and SCADA Programming for various industrial processes such as:
    • Penstock gate and rubber dam control system for flood management
    • River Water Treatment Plants process control
    • Temperature control and monitoring with comprehensive data logging and alarm management features
  • Implement telemetry systems using 3G network and wireless mesh network (ZIGBEE)  in order to do data logging and process control for remote sites
  • 3D plant mapping for simulation in SCADA using AutoCAD and SketchUP
  • CCTV, PTZ Camera and Video surveillance Server Setup (Axis, ACTI, etc.)
  • Setup embedded computers with Linux based OS (Ubuntu, CentOS) and develop Python, PHP, C, JAVA and shell scripts for various projects



Position: Software Engineer / PLC Programmer

Company: Mahar Sanat Co.

Country: Iran

(Aug 2008 – Sep 2010)


Achievements and responsibilities:


  • Install automation systems and HMI stations
  • Programming and troubleshooting PLC controlled machinery which includes Packaging machine, Assembly and Press Machines
  • Participation in design and programming of a Cartesian robot with electro-pneumatic actuators for a painting machine
  • Setup the servo and stepper motors for various industrial robotic projects
  • Writing programs in C-Language for AVR / 8051 microcontrollers and embedded devices for small sized projects such as Counters, Conveyor Control, etc.


  • R programming
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SSIS
  • Database

Spoken Languages

    English, Farsi