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Location: Milledgeville Georgia, United States

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• Ph.D. (Environmental Sciences / Chemistry) with a background in Computational Chemistry with demonstrated expertise in modelling of small molecular activities in macromolecules.
• Hands-on experience in data analytics, method development, data manipulation and statistical analysis. Special expertise in using SAS and Python programing.
• Applied experience in bioinformatics, molecular modelling, protein docking, and molecular dynamics.
• Strong scientific writing skills demonstrated by published research articles and presentations in diverse professional settings (conferences, teaching classes).
• Excellent interpersonal / communication skills and work ethic demonstrated as a teaching and research assistant.


·        Udacity

      Nano Degree in Data Analysis                                                                                   Aug 2017

·        Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville TN.

      Ph.D in Environmental Sciences – Computational Chemistry                     Aug 2017

      M.S. in Chemistry                                                                                                            May 2013

·        Lansing Community College                                                                                                                  

      Associate Degree in Geographical Information Systems                              May 2010

·        University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka.

      B.S. in Computer Science, Chemistry, and Geology                                         May 2002


Experience and Projects

Tennessee Technological University – Research Assistant                               2011 – Present

·        Processed and cleaned terabytes size of structured and unstructured data generated by computational chemistry calculations.

·        Developed a data driven analytical models to analyze and visualize the data using several statistical tools and methods available in SAS (Macros, SQL, etc) and in Python.

·        Set up a small Linux base computer cluster and administered the cluster in a computational chemistry lab, including installing and configuring software and setting up user accounts.

·        Performed Quantum mechanical (QM) calculations to learn the reactions between organophosphate pesticides and enzyme AChE (acetylcholinesterase) of different organisms using high-end QM software packages. 

·        Performed Molecular Mechanical (MM) and QM/MM approaches to predict protein-ligand binding affinity between pesticides and AChE using state of art QM/MM/MD.

·        Conducted sequence analyses to identify the conserved regions of AChE in different organisms.

·        Parameterized small molecules for the CHARMM force field.

·        Performed conformational and structural calculations for biologically important small molecules, Thiosemicarbazones and benzoquinones.


Tennessee Technological University – Teaching Assistant                               2011 – Present

·        Co-taught CHEM 6970: Graduate level Advanced molecular modelling, developing computational chemistry tutorial for students.

·        Co-Mentored for several undergraduate and graduate students in Computational Chemistry.

·        Taught General Chemistry labs, grading lab worksheets, preparing and grading lab quizzes. Prepared reagents and setting up for General Chemistry labs.


  • SAS (Macros, SQL, Graphs, GTL, Stat)
  • Python (Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib) • SQL
  • R
  • NoSQL
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Statistics
  • GIS
  • Machine learning
  • Tableau
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Linux