Senior Data Analyst – Insights & Machine Learning

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Mumbai Maharashtra, India

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I have 13 years of experience in data extraction, visualization & reporting which leads to better informed business decisions. Experienced in Model building, creating simulators & Machine Learning


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from ICFAI University in the year 2012

Post Graduate Diploma in Software based Statistical Analysis from Annamalai University through correspondence in the year 2012

Bachelor of Science with Mathematics from Mumbai University in the year 2002


 Designed & implemented interactive dashboards on various Supply Chain metrics like Case fill, Trend and Forecast Accuracy. Reporting performance on supply planning metrics and providing it to top leadership team (MD, CFO) based in US in a form of a story
 Extracting data by writing SQL and using SAP Business Explorer (BEx). Data crunching using advance excel & R. Visualizing & presenting data in Tableau
 Built model for forecasting sales of new items. This include identifying like items from Nielsen database and then building forecast for the new item after factoring brand value, seasonality & growth
 Built model to identify cannibalization by new items on existing top grossing SKUs. This model provides early signals whenever cannibalization is spotted during new product launch and helps to modify demand on the impacted high grossing SKU

 Implemented machine learning technique (Apriori Algorithm) to determine frequently bought SKUs. This resulted to better grouping and pricing of SKUs
 Created a simulator for calculating the cost & holding cost of raw materials required to produce a top selling SKU at a short notice. This tool would show the end user the overhead cost for stocking a SKU to satisfy 1, 2, 3,…n DOS
 Created a MS Access tool to check feasibility for repositioning SKUs from 1 warehouse to another depending on the demand at other location. This tool would tell the end user if its cost effective to reposition a SKU to other warehouse
 Designed a Data Mart on MS Access to monitor transport and line partners KPI. This involved writing queries in Access to join various tables and perform calculations to check the performance of all the transport carriers. It also involved creating Access macros to enable automatic execution of queries and produce the final result at a click of a button

 Created a data warehouse in MS Access to capture Forecast, Shipments for a newly acquired business by General Mills. Automated queries would update & append the new data in this warehouse which would be used for further data crunching

 Created ~60 adhoc reports & insights for top management using statistical techniques in R / Excel & data visualization in Tableau
 Saved 1200 hours in a single fiscal year by automating reports using VBA, Access & SQL queries for other teams in Supply Chain
 Trained resources to be proficient in Advance Excel, macros & Access

 Managed independent projects pertaining to VBA automations, SAS macros end to end. Created macros & batch files to integrate SQL, Outlook with Excel and work without any human intervention

 Managed a team of 3 Senior Analyst. Conducted daily, weekly meetings with the team for regular updates, priorities & deliverables. Created trackers to gauge teams progress on KPIs
 Managed client SLA, crisis and escalations. Ensured timeliness and quality for each project within the team
 Created queries in DB2, SQL server & Teradata to fetch data as required for creating reports

 Automated inventory balancing for a leading US retailer using VBA skills. This tool gave advance alerts about items nearing the safety stock limits and the nearest location which has stock above forecasted limit, so that the stock can be procured and inventory would be balanced

 Successfully implemented 13 process improvement ideas leading to net savings of 1950 hours. All of these ideas were about creating VBA macros & SQL queries to speed up the activities and embedding logical codes to prohibit errors
 Conducted surveys across locations and found out opportunities for improvement with help of statistical analysis on the responses

 Prepared process documentation, SIPOC, High level process maps and documenting VBA macros & SQL queries
 Conducting training on Advance Excel, VBA & Access as per need basis. Strength of the class room in range of 20 to 25 attendees



  • R Programming
  • Excel
  • Access
  • SQL
  • SAS
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Shipping
  • Logistics


    Team Coaching, Team Management

Spoken Languages

    English (professional)