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I graduated from University of Macedonia in 2013 getting my degree in Business Administration having acquired knowledge in various fields of economics such as Finance, Statistics, Macroeconomics and Marketing. I also graduated from the Master Program of Business Informatics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki the 2016 and last October i started MSc in Complex Systems and Networks in which i make heavy use of R in order to represent graphically statistical models and complex networks.

My courses have focused on a variety of specialist tools such as Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Statistical Programming, creating Database Systems, simulating Economic Models among others. These have assisted me in broadening my knowledge while showing me the diverse side of Computer Science combined with Economic Sciences which I find fascinating.

Currently i work as technical co-author in R-exercises.com and R developer as freelancer with specialization in data visualization and statistical modeling projects. I am also data visualization analyst for Firmographs LLC, using Qlk Sense, via Upwork.

As author for R-exercises i have published series of exercises and tutorials related to R packages like shiny, ggplot2, ggvis, Rmarkdown, Machine Learning methodologies etc.

As a person I consider myself perfectionist and passionate about precision and order.

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    ThessalonikiMakedonia Thraki, Greece
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    15 Mar 2016